Mission Critical


What is Mission Critical?

“Mission Critical” is a term used to describe business components that are fundamentally essential to the survival of that facility, operation, or organization. Without their mission critical component functioning as designed, a business would fail in maintaining the desired operational structure.

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Examples of mission critical components and the direct liability include:

  • Power in hospitals and medical facilities, a power outage would result in loss of equipment functionality leading to operational failure and possible loss of life for many relying on impacted equipment
  • Power in data centers, with a loss of power being synonymous with a loss of operational ability, potentially at acost of over $5M per hour
  • Power in laboratories, where a loss of power could result in loss of research, loss of access to and the overall accuracy of critical data
  • 公共安全设施(例如警察部门和消防部门)的权力,失电可能会导致关键通信的损失,这将导致紧急服务响应的失误
  • Military and government facilities, in which a loss of power to strategic components would result in losses of data, communications, and possible breaches in security


When it comes to managing mission critical systems or facilities, it is important to understand the degree of importance power reliability plays in maintaining sufficient operational capability in these industries.

AXI International is a knowledgeable voice in this space, with decades of experience in assisting facility operators and managers in finding ways to mitigate power outage risks.

Backup power reliability is crucial to maintaining reliability in mission critical facilities, and a vital element of the backup power system is the fuel being supplied to the generator. With facilities often storing tens of thousands of gallons of fuel on-site for backup power it is important to understand the随着时间的推移,燃料可能发生的降解。

This degradation and contamination can lead to faults in equipment operability, further leading to functional failure of the backup power system. These faults and failures can occur in a number of different fuel system components, making it important to understand theeffects of diesel fuel contamination.


Through periodic fuel polishing, the quality of fuel being stored in bulk fuel tanks can be maintained. With AXI International’s line of fuel polishing solutions, you can remain confident in the operational integrity of your facility’s backup power system in the case of an emergency or where grid power is no longer available.

With programmable intelligent solutions, you can set polishing schedules with ease. AXI International’s intelligent solutions also have multiple alarms, warning operators of system faults such as high motor temperature, low flow, and more.

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